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The checklist will help web designers to understand clients' business and website, also help business owners to structure their web design brief, and get them think about some of the issues around setting up and running a business website. There are 31 questions in 4 sections and shouldn't take more than 10 mintues to complete. A copy will be sent to the email provided.

You can download the source code: Download Website Design Checklist Form source code

Or download the form in Open office format: Website Design Checklist Form (.odt)

You can read the quick instruction on my blog: Website design online checklist form

Thank you! We have received your website design checklists.

-Your details (1/4)

-Your business (2/4)

Select one as below
Select one as below
Printed directory listings e.g. Yellow Pages or trade directories
Magazine/newspaper advertising
Direct mail
Search engine and directory listings
Search engine advertising e.g. Google Adwords or Overture
Advertising/referrals from other web sites
Your own web site
Others - please state:

-Your website part 1(3/4)

N/A1 2   3  4  5 
Establish credibility via internet presence
Create community forum / provide membership support
Provide service to clients / members / prospective clients or members
Function as electronic brochure (or allow downloadable brochure/spec sheets)
Encourage visitors to recommend our business / site to others
Drive Traffic and Generate Leads for our Business
Community Service (not for profit)
Communicate company brand / image
Sell our products online - and receive orders and payment online
Information for educational purposes
Forum to express ideas or opinions
Advertising or electronic commerce
Select one as below
Custom HOME page (different layout than inside pages)
2 column (good for most business sites)
3 column tabloid (good for sites with news, blog)
Select one as below
Business sites - Horizontal bar navigation is recommended with drop down menu
Vertical bar navigation
Others please starte here
Select one as below
Modern / Hip (appeal to younger generation)
Others - please state:

-Your website part 2(4/4)

Select one as below
We have a logo and will provide it in digital form
We have a logo, and require some modification to the design
We require a custom logo design be created for our website
Select one as below
We will provide all photos and graphics for our website
We will provide some photos for our website
We can not provide any photos or graphics for our website
We require custom graphics created for our website - with our specific requirements
Select one as below
We have a clearly identified brand image/color and style
We require the web designer to help us create a brand image.
Select one as below
Content will rarely change after website is built
Content will change frequently (we require ability to edit our page content)
Blog - We want the ability to add/write articles and blog posts
About us
Contact form and Google map link)
Contact email and Google map link
Frequently Asked Questions
Downloadable PDF forms
Products Pages:
Resources and related links
Recommend us and tell a friend email form
Services pages:
Others - Please state:
Social networking links
Community forum and chat area
Employment application and receive resumes online
Photo and product gallery
Forum and discussion area
Member area (secure login area)
Event claendar
Blog and articles library
Payment online within website
Payment online on Paypal
Newsletter signup form
Recommend amd tell a friend email form
Search feature
Shopping cart with products for sale
Others - Please state:
Select one as below
We currently have a website, we request the web designer move all existing text to our new site
We will provide written text to the web designer in digital form
We have NO content/text yet developed, but will be providing this to the webdesigner
We have written content and request the web designer organize the content and make decisions on placement and layout
We require copywriter to create content for our website
Select one as below
No, preferred time scale.
Yes, please state date:
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